Song of innocence and love Vll

Through her i met god

Through her i gave birth to lost memories and feelings

Closer to death, truth

Through this short time of madness

I arrived to myself, and saw

Now, certain of many thoughts 

Walking towards myself with myself 


Without hope, without fear.


Song of innocence and love Vl

This mind remembered again many thoughts

Which were gone for long

After this heart fell into her life


This heart once more felt her heart beating within

And this heart stopped but still living

Through her beatings

Through her happiness

With her 

Forever. Funny.

Song of innocence and love V

What is the difference now 

You and god

When i love and couldn’t touched you

I have never come closer to you

Or touched 

Just like the way God exists in my life

I was 8 

And my awareness was building

And my awareness was building for god

Which i prayed to be with you

Now i am 22 and praying to be with you 

Are you death? 

Or am I supposed to be with you in the eternity?

If life is a lie 

And my love is true

I shall meet you in heaven 

I shall seek you there and find you

And maybe 

Only like that we will be 


Song of innocence and love lV

Patience  my son patience 

Patience is what you need to grow up

Patience is what you need to live and patience is the ultimate death

While having some peace

Patience is secret

It is life and nature

It is gods way of being a god

When love is killing you patience will keep you going

Patience is stronger than love 

Patience is bigger than you and life

Patience is a teacher 

That will make you a teacher 

To yourself

And you will write 

Just for yourself


Without touching or changing anyone 

And anything

Patience will bring something new 

It is his duty

Be patient 

The sun will rise 

The flowers will bloom

And you will be surrendered with such smell and beauty

And your fire will calm 

Song of innocence and love lll

If pain comes at your door

Welcome it

If suffering is sitting next to you 

Put it on your lap

Eat it little by little and let it go into your heart

Heart fills with suffering,

Call yourself a lucky one

For god has chosen you to experience all this plus life itself

If your life is not like others 

Decent or normal

How beautiful!

See the beauty and treasure that you have

Know that not many people are experiencing this much, 

Say how lucky i am

That i had a chance to live this emotions 

And if you are mad enough 

Have courage to call yourself divine

Song of innocence and love ll

i ask my heart if he is deserving this

He is silent, in pain

I ask my brain to stop thinking, 

And he wont listen

I ask myself why

Why all this, again once more.

And there is no shame 

No regret

But all is pain and sadness

All is vain

And there is just big emptiness 

I found myself sitting in the center 



Trying to understand myself

Trying to understand my heart

But he is busy with its own pain

Im trying to understand my brain

But he is busy too

What is left is my soul experiencing divine feelings 

And feels lucky 



Song of innocence and love l

do not make the mistake

And accept loves offer

Love if you are going to love 

But know that she is not yours

And her words are not true 

And what is happening is not true 

But its love

Know that it will end sooner or later and dont believe 


Is a lier 

If you are going to love and you dont want to lose anything 

Love something else more than your lover and carry on walking like that 

Let her know that shes not the only one

Let her know that you love her but you love something else more than her 

Let her believe 

And believe 

In that way she will be yours trying to make you love her more and more than anything

Dont be a fool