Courtly love

There she may think that,
I’ve already forgotten the love that I have for her
There, her thoughts may guide her into wrong directions
Here I have never be able to express myself that good, for her
And my soul is not satisfied
She doesn’t see
Because she doesn’t know my past
She thought of me wrong
Though she must know
Myself became a seeker
Of virtue and wisdom
With the help of her
Who sent by God
On the day I was born
When I just turned only 21
I immediately fell in love with her
And the love I had
Which I still have with no shame or regret
Is pure and sincere
This is because of her
When my journey started as soon as she arrived
Becoming a better person was the plan
That I never thought of
I didn’t have her in this life
Although I kissed her lips and hugged her tight once
I should never have tried
If the gates of heaven opens for me
There, I shall seek and find her
She is there
And if I sent to hell
I shall carry on loving her like now
Until my punishment is over
The Devils and the Angels and the God knows
All my sins are the result of my eyes
And my eyes have Seen her very little
In my existence in this place seems like a dream
Right know, my thoughts should go to one who holds in his arms
He shall see and understand how blessed he is,
He shall respect and appreciate
And I
I gave her independency
And she thought I don’t love her
I respect and love her
She is the result of who I am now,
She will change
And my love for her will make me a better person


She had curtains in her eyes
Never let you see her soul
But I,
Transparent and see through
Stepped on her soul And left a mark

There the darkness was darker than anything
Therefor the light there was lighter than The angels And divine
Never hurt my eyes,
She let me see it

I saw her well being,
I saw her naked
Her personality,
Her character were there explaining itself to me,
And I just looked,

Then it didn’t matter
If she was right for me or not,
I loved her for what she was
And she was just someone else
That I knew better than
Anyone else

Oo words, that came from God
O, wisdom, that we seek is god
Tell her that I have gone and she followed,

Let it be known, I never stopped seeking
Let it be known, I never stopped thinking,
Therefor she too, of me

Let it be known, I’ve gone because I understood and moved on,
Let it be known she still wants to understand more of what has left behind

Let it be known, that her heart is just curious
Let it be known she is not capable of loving others.
I know.
Because our love dried up while giving too much to each other without thinking tomorrow, and our loneliness had left us,
Gone for good

Let it be known,
I will carry on,
She too
But thoughts can not be controlled and therefor we won’t really move on
And finally we will throw ourselves into hell by our hands,
I feel it

Ardic S AGUS


I found myself in a place no different than hell,
I found myself suddenly standing up on my feet 11 hours a day serving monsters in all age,
Has no brain or so little
They eat the earth, with no mercy
They eat me, my soul
And they thank me, and I see this while looking in their eyes
I can not sit, I can not run away nor shout or scream
My punishment will be over by serving them
Though I know the end day if I don’t cheat myself
It will end
And I will be sent to paradise,
Where I can do what I want
What I really love and hate doing
Don’t get me wrong though
Without hate love is nothing
I will be in a divine place
I will turn that place divine, and holy like it was 500 years ago,
I will eat and lick the fruits of that place
With my eyes mostly
And with my brain too
My hands will hold my tools more than it held my penis so far
I will be lifted a little
Closer to people I love
And respect
And they can see me better from that place and pull me towards them
And I will suffer
To be lifted up a little more
I will stretch my skin
And I will tense
My whole
So my soul can satisfy more
Mainly death
When she comes and gets me
My journey in this life started in heaven and now I am in hell
Trying to find my way back,
And my journey will start in hell when I’m dead, though
It won’t be a long journey
At least not longer than yours

Ardic agus 2014

The bottom of the bottle

Working class has slept with their darkness
That they don’t even know about it
Here jack is awake drinking with his own light that breaks his darkness
Seeking a mind to share
Nothing but time
So the time will pass more quickly
Toward death
Time is a memory
That has much valuable things in it
Like love
Like moments of love
And sadness,
But jack is afraid of death
He has much to perform
He needs beat death while experiencing death
So tomorrow won’t come at all

Ardic agus 14

Candle light on her and my mind knows

Where did you do wrong
You jack,
Why did you end up like this?
In the way that you wanted?
And now there is nothing left jack
Nothing for you
Or your for your taste,
Why wasting time on nothing
When there is something in nothingness
And jack you know this, but
You are lazy too jack and you know this better jack still, do nothing
About nothing
And jack waits too much,

Jack the artist

Pretty pictures are everywhere
And more, there are ugly,
To jack
Surrendered of,
Truth that become lie, everyday a new one arrive, and adds on
Day by day
And jack never cares enough
And sometimes never cares less
But do nothing,
Always divine
To him
And he watches
His own show
At the moment in life
While very much alive.