The bottom of the bottle

Working class has slept with their darkness
That they don’t even know about it
Here jack is awake drinking with his own light that breaks his darkness
Seeking a mind to share
Nothing but time
So the time will pass more quickly
Toward death
Time is a memory
That has much valuable things in it
Like love
Like moments of love
And sadness,
But jack is afraid of death
He has much to perform
He needs beat death while experiencing death
So tomorrow won’t come at all

Ardic agus 14


He didn’t know the truth
And he was deaf and blind
And sick and damned
And his chance of truth
Passed away
From his finger tips
And now it’s just an experience
With regret
Can an experience be a regret though?
Where is wisdom?
His heart is aching
And ageing
And Maria is awake now
In her life at the moment and
In my mind right now
But she doesn’t know this anymore
This words are here to be forgotten
She won’t be forgotten
Her true madness
Her deep dark eyes
Her silence
And the way she said things
Especially my name
Sweet accent
Like a candy
Dripping from my ear
Only though when there is wine by me
She won’t be forgotten
As long as I drink the red wisdom
As long as I write
As long as I’m alive
She will be thinking of me
I will be thinking of her
Far away
While both of us drifting

Ardic agus

Candle light on her and my mind knows

Where did you do wrong
You jack,
Why did you end up like this?
In the way that you wanted?
And now there is nothing left jack
Nothing for you
Or your for your taste,
Why wasting time on nothing
When there is something in nothingness
And jack you know this, but
You are lazy too jack and you know this better jack still, do nothing
About nothing
And jack waits too much,

Jack the artist

Pretty pictures are everywhere
And more, there are ugly,
To jack
Surrendered of,
Truth that become lie, everyday a new one arrive, and adds on
Day by day
And jack never cares enough
And sometimes never cares less
But do nothing,
Always divine
To him
And he watches
His own show
At the moment in life
While very much alive.

Waiting stop

Every morning when eyes wake up
Out of death from yesterday
And the fact there is no tomorrow but another death
For eyes
To catch
And goes away, later
You left, and you wait or do something sometime
And sometimes talk
Drink, death out of death
Nice, slow
With confidence,
And let death wait a little, while you perform death. To show something to no one,

9:20 pm poem

In this life of nothingness
There are dark things like boredom
When you don’t do nothing for a half a year, you see clearer
There is no meaning but seeking,
I found this and painting
If I didn’t write
And if I didn’t paint
I wouldn’t be sitting here and writing this
Death and insanity are chasing me
Perhaps death and insanity were chasing me from the beginning
Though I wasn’t aware
There is nothing but my art
And it is the only god that can save me

Life is a hospital

After breaking up with serina, the woman i loved insanely and I guess scared a little though she knew everything,
About the love I had for her and realised how serious it was, she went
And another arrived, out of nowhere, without invitation.
She was 6 years older than me, experiencing the most beautiful age. 28. She looked very young, pretty, around 5.6 tall, slim and had a good figure.
One day she invited me to her house to drink and have chat, she was living alone, in a small studio flat, with one cat, a pussy. I like cats but her cat was annoying, she was an absolute bitch, I mean the cat
Anyhow, we started to drink, it was white wine, 9pm
She drank out of loneliness, she wanted time to pass quicker, she didn’t knew how to drink. It didn’t matter,
After 5 6 glass of wine she got drunk, and never stopped talking,
“I know that I am beautiful, and there is none who wouldn’t go to bed with me” she said
I laughed inside, it was fun
I didn’t show it though,
“Why is that?” I asked
She started to play with her hair as she carried on talking,
She looked at the mirror laughed at herself
“Can’t you see this beauty, thank god I’m beautiful, everyone, every man would go to bed with me”
“How do you know this?” I said
“I’m sure there are many man out there who wouldn’t”
“I won’t”
She stared at me, strongly for few seconds and I stared back at her, I didn’t moved my eyes away from her eyes, I had courage, because I meant what I said,
She then looked away and
“But most men would and it happens, my closest male friends did, it was upsetting”
I didn’t said anything and went for a piss,
When I came back I realised my glass was full again and asked did you fill it again, she said yes,
I needed alcohol it was good, she didn’t know how to drink and it was ok for her to finish 3 litres of wine
And when you don’t know how to drink
You never realise the beauty of getting drunk you usually get drunk and always say that you are not drunk, which is a sign of weakness. As we drunk our wines we talked and she kept pushing me to fuck her, or she tried winning something, that didn’t matter to me,
So I decided to fuck her on that first night of meeting. It was a chance that gods had offered me, to soften my life, to remind me of life back again, which was full of surprises, bad and good ones. We kept drinking and she talked less but her stares got much longer, sometimes she didn’t said anything and looked right in my eye for almost minute and half, her eyes talked more they didn’t said anything but meant a lot, and she knew how to act when you Were fully aware of your own self, she was 28 years old woman. It felt much better to chill with a woman who was much older than you are, she didn’t had anything to loose.
We both got drunk, but I wasn’t sure if I should tried anything or not, i didn’t wanted to show any confusion,
I decided not to do anything,
She decided to play and push
More and more
And I accepted this, eventually I was going to fuck her because her game that she played could turn into a serious act and it all depended on me,
I stayed calm and changed all the rules, slowly
I knew my stupidity too at this point.
Another half hour passed and everything remained the same about her,
Her eyes,
Long stares,
Less talking,
I went for a piss, came back and smoked a cigarette, she didn’t smoked at all but asked for few tokes,
I passed it to her, she didn’t picked up and smoked it from my hand,
One toke,
Without inhaling it properly,
I smoked the rest and put it away,
Looked at her and kissed her, she kissed back,
I slowly went on her while still kissing, it went on for a minute or two,
“What are you doing?” She said,
” what is this”
“I’m kissing you”
She stopped me
I stopped
I guess she won
And made me realise my stupidity,
I felt stupid,
I apologised, and sat still,
Nothing was changed for her,
She felt better and much in control,
We kept drinking more,
And finished the whole 3 litres of wine,
Then she wanted herself, everything.
I wanted it too.
We went in bed,
2 months has passed since than and she comes around mine, cooks
Washes my clothes,
Cleans my house,
Buys my alcohol while she’s over,
And I fuck her, still.