July 2nd

Every man is a fault of unable to be himself
And their ignorance is soft,
They can’t break it,
Every word is money
Meaningless but essential
Every act is a copy and without want
Habits of unknown
Every fight is for yourself
And with yourself
Every lie is your owns
Every tear is a fault of wisdom
Fruit of existing
Every loser is wiser
Than before
And there is no winner
Every woman is like an Hollywood actress
But they acting is reality
Every woman is the tester of men
And some men learns a little
And some don’t
It is better to not to learn
Once you understand the teachings
Darkness has more little but
More brighter light
But the days are better than the night,
And this poem finds it hard to end
It is dark
And cold outside
It’s the July the 2nd

Green blue white

You used to be the sun
On a rainy day
That gave a birth to rainbows within me
You were the butterfly
Wondered around in my garden
You use to visit me time to time
And I use to watch you
While you were there
And touch you
Sometimes you’d fly away
You didn’t like me to touch you
Though I knew you weren’t gentle
Life made you hard, before me
I never did
Perhaps I tried soften you up
Which hurt you and you didn’t like it
Maybe you were afraid
Afraid of love
Or pleasure
Or something
Maybe you weren’t afraid. At all
You just didn’t want me to touch you
But I did
I touched you with my heart
So gently
You almost never felt it
I do not know
Who is touching you
With their different parts

Our past and ourselves

The old musicians sang “don’t worry”
Without any hope and energy
Without any spirit, then
They finished it and started to sing no woman no cry,
And all the men felt little hope and motivated, and the women felt good and they sang along
Knowing the truth
With a smile up on their face
Joy in their heart
Proud of been there
Being a woman
And they sang
And they were there knowing something we didn’t know
And us
Just looked at them
Like we didn’t care
But I and them
With our old lovers in our heart
And In our heart as the music went on,
And near to end of the song
Some men went out for fag